Bahria Sports City Karachi Latest Progress Update

Bahria Sports City Karachi is an address where action and leisure live in harmony. Put on your sports attire, let your hair down & let the surroundings take over. A unique design approach unifying modern architecture with sports facilities will include beautifully master planned community along with international sporting and training facilities.

The Grand Gymnasium will be the first of its kind in Karachi providing an unmatched experience for all. The Gym will also include Tennis, Squash and Badminton Courts to provide the sports enthusiasts with variety of activities to engage in an active lifestyle.

Another initiative by Bahria Town for the revival of sports in Pakistan, the football ground in Bahria Sports City will be a welcome addition for the most popular sport in the world.

Promoting a healthier and active lifestyle, Bahria Sports City will feature a complete cycling & jogging track. Moreover, experience the thrill of speed in a safe and secure environment with the Go-Kart track.

Bahria Sports City will feature a 5-star luxury hotel with beautifully designed rooms & suites, conference rooms for high profile business meetings and an eclectic mix of dining options to savor delightful cuisines.

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